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Texture Paint

Tool for Texture Paint: Scraper
Environment condition: 5℃-40℃, less than 85% RH. No application in bad weather
Base render facade: Must be firm,clean,and level. Water content<10% PH value<10%. Good putty needed if the facade does not meet requirement.
Storage: Sealed in cool and dry place 5℃-35℃. Shelf time: 12 Months.
No dilution needed.
Not to mix different batches paint for one big area wall to avoid color difference.


Texture Paint Application Guide

No. Procedure Product Dosage Processing time Dry time Recoat time Tools Note
1 Substrate treatment Putty series 1.5-3.0kg/㎡
(2mm DFT)
2-3times Dry to touch: 2h
Dry hard: 48h(25℃)
≥4H Scraper Make the base solid , smooth, dry and clean
2 Primer coat Water base Damp-proof primer/
Water base sealing primer
0.1-0.2kg/㎡ 1-2times Dry to touch: 1h
Dry hard: 12h(25℃)
≥1H Wool Brush/ roller /sprayer Seal the Substrate, alkali resistance, penetration resistance
3 Texture Paint Texture paint 1.5-3.5kg/㎡
(2mm DFT)
2-3times Dry to touch: 2h
Dry hard: 48h(25℃)
≥24H Special sprayer/Roller
Protect the paint from water after applying.
4 Top coat Water base Waterproof and weather-resistant finish/
Water base dustproof finish
0.15-0.3kg/㎡ 1-2times Dry to touch: 1h
Dry hard: 24h(25℃)
≥1H Wool Brush/ roller /sprayer Polish sharp sands or angle before spraying top coat if necessary.


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